Comprehensive coverage of Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt and other legal battles on abortion and reproductive health.


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The Supreme Court Saved Abortion Access, But The Damage Has Already Been DoneThis Is How Trump's SCOTUS Nominee Could Impact Abortion, According To A Woman Who's Fought For Rights / What Abortion Was Like Before Roe V Wade, As Told By Women Who Lived Through It / The Supreme Court Is Debating The Rights Of These Deceptive Women's Health Centers / Safety Versus Access: What The Supreme Court Means To Abortion Clinics / This Woman’s Struggle To Get An Abortion Will Make You Rethink Our Laws / This Is What Justice Kennedy's Retirement Could Mean For Abortion Rights, & It's Not Pretty / If Roe Gets Overturned, Women Seeking Abortions Would Have Safer Options Than In Pre-Roe Days

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A "Domestic Gag Rule" Would Harm Women Who Need Health Care Access Most, A Doctor Explains / This Is Why Women Get Abortions After 20 Weeks — And Why The GOP's Law Is Cruel / The Global Gag Rule's Effects Have Left Women Without Care & It's Dangerous / ‘Lucky’ Abortion Story Proves One Law Still Makes Women Struggle Decades Later

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Notre Dame Is Dropping Birth Control Coverage & Students Are Fed Up / What Is A Crisis Pregnancy Center? Inside The Pro-Life Centers / Do Minors Need Parental Involvement For An Abortion? These Laws Can Present Barriers / Here Are All The Times Abortion Access Was Threatened In The US This YearAlabama Abortion Provider Speaks About Her Journey / Family’s Tragic Story Proves 20-Week Abortion Bans Have Devastating EffectsWendy Davis Has The Realest Advice For Women Who Want To Be Leaders